Notre 2eme Ise-Shima Concours International de Piano

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Notre 2eme Ise-Shima Concours International de Piano

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2nd Ise-Shima International Piano Competition

Our mission is to promote musicians’ activities and to give a chance for them through competition through
this online-based competition.

• Our competition is open to all pianists of all nationalities.
• No age limit.

Competitor Online Application – AVAILABLE February 29, 2020
• DEADLINE: May 1, 2021
• Recorded performance (possibly by phone or video camera) must be submitted by video links in
Youtube / Vimeo.
• Application Fee is free.
• Please fill in the following form:
• Following two (2) pieces:
a: One (1) piece freely chosen by an applicant, no longer than 10 minutes and no shorter than 2 minutes in
total, composed by any composers. The repertoire might not contain complete works. Large- pieces may
excerpt movements, or suites.

b: Obligatory one (1) piece from the pieces bellow:
Sound example:
Downloadable sheet music:
Sound example:
Downloadable sheet music:
The two pieces above may not be performed from memory.

Video Upload Formatting
• In uploading the video on YouTube or Vimeo, please use a following format for the YouTube or
Vimeo title in English: (Performer’s Name) ‘Title’ by Composer

Example: (Michael Lee) ‘Jeu d’eau’ by Maurice Ravel

• Selection will be primarily based on the video performance. Therefore, the video quality has to be
• At least, please use a recently released phone to record the video.
• The uploaded link has to be accessible. Please be sure that the privacy setting in Youtube or Vimeo is
public or unlisted (desirably UNLISTED) for juries to watch, but not private.
• The performer’s face, arms, fingers must be seen in the video.
• Videos with edits or cuts will not be accepted.
• Incomplete or poor quality videos will be rejected.

• Ise-Shima Art Foundation Competition Top 53 prize winners would be selected and ranked.
• 1st Prize - $1,000, certificate and crowdfunding income
• 2nd Prize - $500 and certificate
• 3rd Prize - $200 and certificate
• 50 special prizes – certificates

Competition Rules and Regulations
• The judging panel for our competition is selected solely by Ise-Shima Art Committee and the
decisions are final.
• A piece might not be performed from memory.
• Competition Jury may stop a performance if the allotted time has expired or for any other appropriate
• Application of the Competition constitutes acceptance by the contestant of all published rules,
regulations and procedures.
• By submitting an entry to this competition, applicant agree that, if a performance by an applicant is
selected by Ise-Shima Art Foundation as a winning performance, the applicant gives Ise-Shima Art
Committee worldwide rights to use the applicant’s video.
• Ise-Shima Art Committee reserves the right, in conjunction with the Competition judge, not to award
the prizes, to change the regulation, or to reduce or split the prize money if, in opinion by the judge, such
action is justified for any reason. The prize money may be reduced if an insufficient number of entries is
• Competition prize winners will be notified by email until the end of July 2021.
• Result will be published on our website:
• Contact email: